November 16th, 2001 § Comments off

Christie has another take on the all-new “[Y]ou could also say it’s like when a character is killed off because the audience is losing interest, but then the producers bring him back on the show a few seasons later with a new haircut and a gay partner or something. They’re thinking, ‘Let’s see if the audience will like him better this time around.’”

Actually, you and Brian are both wrong. It’s more like the show was cancelled for low ratings, but the producers hired a few new writers, filmed some different opening credits, and got a network exec really drunk, and the exec foolishly decided to put the show back on the air.

If you have more theories about the new and its possible relationship to bad sitcoms, you should definitely click the little “Comments” link and put those theories in writing. Meanwhile, I’m working on some less self-referential posts, but they’re taking a while to write. Bear with me while I pull my thoughts together.

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