Food or bomb

November 12th, 2001 § Comments off

The U.S. military is dropping food packages and cluster bombs on Afghanistan. The packages and bombs are both bright yellow, and they’re nearly the same size. The only real difference is the shape—the bombs are in cans, and the food is in boxes.

I am absolutely stunned.

The military is using radio broadcasts to warn Afghanis about the potential confusion. Meanwhile, Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) spoke about the issue before the House (click the link next to “Food Aid for Afghans”).

McKinney concluded her remarks with the following statement, which about sums it up:

Mr. Speaker, not only do innocent Afghans have to worry about the Taliban, not only do they have to worry about landmines left over from the last war, not only do they have to worry about starving to death and the approaching winter, now they have to worry about bombs that look like food.

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