April 8th, 2002 § Four comments

Homogeneity isn’t necessarily bad; sometimes it’s beautiful. More often, though, it means that something has gone horribly wrong.

Four comments

  • your brother says:

    are these entries supposed to be homogenous? what with the repeating and all.
    in that second picture, it’s a little bit scary that one of those streets is shaped exactly like the one we grew up on.

  • Jeff says:

    Heh. Nice. I removed the duplicate entry.
    There’s an important difference between our old neighborhood and Levittown: Our old neighborhood has a Circle K!

  • GUESS WHO says:

    here’s another example of something that has gone horribly wrong:

  • a 100% most stupit duffette says:

    I believe I saw the George Pompidou center right before they had finished that installment for Kenzo (who makes fabulous perfume by the way). All the little poppies were ready but they had not finished the giant poppy which adorned the exterior wall of the building.
    And I feel I saw a picture similar to the horribly wrong picture in an exhibition in Bordeaux. Them Frenchies got it down.
    Finally, I think the second picture of “horribly wrong” is infact wonderfully adorable. I mean, look how happy that kitty is!
    ps I read a wonderful novel by Pamela Lu which defined living in suburbia as an unfinished sentence in a paragraph about life. She then goes on to say that the suburbs destroys any personal association with racial idenity by covering up the mystery of life.

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