Jeff Williams is…

June 30th, 2002 § Comments off

I stole this idea from my brother, who in turn stole it from someone else. But it’s far too brilliant not to steal.

Jeff Williams is…

Jeff Williams is obviously one of the most important contributors, him and Karl Auerback.

Mr. Jeff Williams is a Teenager.

Jeff Williams is 30 years old.

Jeff Williams is attempting to forge in the smithy of his soul the uncreated consciousness of all people.

Jeff Williams is one of the people who have been with Expression from the beginning.

Jeff Williams is the only person barred from sending to the list.

Jeff Williams is a multi-instrumentalist whose virtuosity has acclaimed him international appeal.

Jeff Williams is free to express that sorrow in the most literal sense, because he will not be charged with any crime, even though it was his gun that was used by his son.

Jeff Williams is recognized by current President Craig McCurry as a Distinguished President.

Jeff Williams is ready to be activated from the DL!

Jeff Williams is lying.

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