Spam milestone

August 5th, 2002 § One comment

I received my very first Nigerian scam email today. I’m so proud.

It happen my father starch away $64m USD and
as am telling you this now, please don’t disclose it
to any person and if you know you cannot keep secret
just forget this transaction, this money is in a
security company in EUROPE… if you are ready to assist me you must
come down to EUROPE your family background must be a
family that have name to respect or mentain, and in
your business you must be a successful person, you
must tell me whom you are because I don’t want to fall
into a wrong person and I will give you 20% after the
money enter into your account and collect my own.

With a highly professional sales pitch like that, how could any scam fail?

One comment

  • steve says:

    i’ve heard of money laundering, but starching sixty-four million dollars is just ridiculous.

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