Harlem gentrification

September 23rd, 2002 § Four comments

The Village Voice has an interesting, evenhanded take on how gentrification is affecting Harlem. Many of Harlem’s residents have very low incomes by New York City standards—the median income in Harlem is $26,000—but apartments are being rented at market rate for the entire city, and Manhattanites have begun to discover the area’s classic brownstones and new rental properties.

If you aren’t sure what gentrification means or how it happens, this article is an excellent starting point.

Four comments

  • anthony harris says:

    I am in the very early stages of putting togethr a documentary on the latest gentrification in Harlem and its effects on those who have lived in the village for some time. I would like to speak with you at your earliest conveience. My cell number is 917.721.7385

  • Jeff says:

    Sorry, but I wouldn’t be much help. All I know is what I read in that article.

  • Me says:

    I happen to live in Harlem, and let me tell you… gentrification is NO fcking fun for US Black people who have lived here all our fvcking lives!!!
    You whites may think it’s “cool” and “fashionable” to “Go slumming” for a while, but the effects means that WE get tossed out on to the street——- ALL for YOUR convenience and “sense of adventure”!!!
    You know, also, for YEARS you people have been calling us “Dirty monkeys” and “savages” and would neve set one foot NEAR us… yet NOW all of a fvcking sudden when you are priced out of mainstream City nabes, you want to push US out of OUR area!!!
    You poeple have a LOT of frickin nerve, and I’
    m starting to see now that the lat X was 500% RIGHT about you!!!
    No WAY will I fvcking prentend to like what’s going on, and I can NEVER accept such obscene expoitation as the current gentrification process now underway at an alarming rate!!!
    The abuse and sheer sick exploitation of it all is such, that even though I was one of the FEW Black people who thought OJ was guilty, now that I have experienced being pushed out mkyself by you people, and can honestly say that I am GLAD he was acquited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff says:

    Hi, quasi-anonymous commenter. Why are you so mad at me? I don’t think gentrification is a good thing, and my post shouldn’t be read as an endorsement of it.

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