More federally-mandated morality

November 17th, 2002 § Three comments

In yet another fine example of “compassionate conservatism,” the Bush administration has begun to appoint critics of condoms to an AIDS advisory panel. It’s all part of the Bush administration’s efforts to promote abstinence instead of responsible, effective sex education programs.

Three comments

  • kgp969 says:

    In response to “more federally mandated morality”
    posted on 11/17/02, all laws are based on society’s collective moral contracts. Laws are are morally based in the first place. BTW, you can’t get someone pregnant or get an STD if your NOT sexually active. It’s called RESPONSIBILITY and SELF-DISCIPLINE. If more liberals understood this, our schools would be educating people to the emotional and psychological damage that engaging in teen-aged sex and having an abortion does to a child.

  • Jeff says:

    I won’t try to change your mind about morality or about the moral basis of law. But do at least consider the fact that there’s a world outside the United States, where many people have little or no formal education and don’t even know that there’s such a thing as HIV or AIDS. It would be all but impossible to convince a 35-year-old trucker in Nigeria to stop visiting prostitutes; it might be possible, though, to convince him to use condoms so he won’t die.
    Bush’s appointees have the power to change our foreign aid policies in Third World countries, where comprehensive sex education is needed most. If they refuse to acknowledge that condoms can slow or halt the progress of the AIDS epidemic, they are effectively condemning millions of people to death.

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