I’ll be absurdly pedantic for you

December 12th, 2002 § Six comments

Part of the Friends theme song goes as follows:

It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear
When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year

Shouldn’t the second line be “When it hasn’t been your year, your month, your week, or even your day”? The word “even” implies that the last item in the list entails the smallest amount of happiness.

I cannot believe I am actually posting this on my Web site.

Six comments

  • Christie says:

    The adverb even is used to intensify whatever it modifies, in either a positive or negative direction (Ex: “Christie is attractive, even beautiful”; or, “Jeff is lame, even retarded”). Even simply amplifies the comparison. I think the Friends song works because isn’t it worse to have a bad year over simply a bad month, or an entire bad month over simply a bad week?

  • Jeff says:

    I guess you could look at it that way. I was thinking of it as “Wow, you haven’t had a single day of luck, or even an entire year of luck,” which is weird; if you haven’t had a day of luck, of course you haven’t had a year of luck. But you could also read it as “On the whole, you have had a lousy day and, for that matter, a lousy year.”
    See, I knew I shouldn’t have posted about this.

  • Jake says:

    Jeff, you’re just incorrect.

  • Dumptruck says:

    Not only is he wrong, but he can’t even rhyme. Brian says he is revoking your poetic license. When I think “Friends theme song,” I think “poetry.”

  • Jeff says:

    Okay, okay, I yield to the overwhelming flood of criticism. I would note, though, that I’m in England and you’re not, and I’m going to have Christmas in England, neener neener neener.
    When I think “dumptruck,” I think “braised sauce.”

  • Christie says:

    See, even though you are in England, isn’t it good to see that “your people” are keeping busy? As my boss often tells me, “just look busy.”
    Merry Christmas Jeff, and be sure to roast a chestnut for me.

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