Deputy assistant flâneur in training

May 15th, 2003 § One comment

I will be leaving Sunnyvale during its most beautiful season. Irises line the streets, bowing under the weight of their fussy petals; California poppies burst forth from the sidewalks in happy profusion. Fortunately, I’m told they also have flowers in Berkeley.

On my walk to the library this evening, I saw a cream-colored cat trotting down its owners’ driveway, head down, thinking important cat thoughts. When it noticed me, it made a bashful face, and its trot turned into a slink. “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t realize it was you.”

One comment

  • Hobbie says:

    No sir, you mistake the cat’s reaction. In fact the cat was dissapointed that you did not immediately coo and squeal and launch into fits of happiness trying to pet it as soon as you saw it. You should have had your girlfriend with you, she would have shown you exactly what to do.
    by the way I had no idea you were so lyrical. You’ve just up-ed your princess points.

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