The looting continues

May 7th, 2003 § One comment

Originally from the Chicago Tribune: US Allows Another Cultural Center To Be Looted.

In recent years, much of the [800-year-old Abbasid Palace] complex was taken over by the Beit al-Hikma–House of Wisdom–a kind of academy for Iraq’s most distinguished academics.

On Friday it was looted in broad daylight, apparently under the noses of U.S. troops. …

[M]embers of Beit al-Hikma said they met with several senior U.S. officials in Baghdad, including Jay Garner, the retired U.S. lieutenant general in charge of setting up an interim government.

“We told Gen. Garner and the others of the importance of this building. They promised to send security within 24 hours,” said [Amal] Shlash, a senior economist at Beit al-Hikma.

The security never came.

Three days later, the looters did. …

The looters finished their work quickly. They hauled out furniture, office equipment, carpets, plumbing fixtures and chandeliers. Anything they couldn’t carry they destroyed, including wall murals and three small presses.

Then they ransacked the library.

One comment

  • Jeff says:

    There has been a great deal of looting at other cultural sites since I posted this, but I’m not going to write about it. I’m trying to avoid ranting about Iraq quite so much.

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