Am I capable of graduate-level thought or not

May 12th, 2003 § Four comments

One of my instructors at UC Santa Cruz had an unusual belief about universities: The more prestigious a university, he argued, the more attractive its average student. One of his daughters attended MIT, and when he visited her at school, he noticed that many of her classmates were exceptionally good-looking.

Well, apparently I’m not attractive enough to get into MIT, but I am sufficiently hot to attend UC Berkeley’s masters program in city planning. I start classes this fall. My career as a technical writer will be over 10 days from tomorrow.

So, uh, that’s that. I should have something more intelligent to say about this massive shift, but I don’t at the moment. Feel free to post comments taunting me for being so inarticulate. Also, apologies to the many people to whom I should have personally communicated this news, but who are instead reading it on my Web site; you are welcome to email me and complain.

Four comments

  • C-dawg says:

    I agree with Dan. That’s why I think I’ll have no problem getting into Harvard, Stanford, & MIT. I also intend to send nude photos with my application. Hey, I’m “Legally Blonde.”

  • Dumptruck says:

    You know, if the only two schools he’s comparing are UCSC and MIT, I’m not entirely sure he’s theory is a real Truth. He may just be noticing the difference in the Hippy Quotient at the two schools in question.
    Now, Jeff, to start thinking like a graduate student, you’ll have to take a larger sample. Then you can regress attractiveness not only on prestige, but on things like the number of Mumia protests on campus each year, the frequency with which the students bathe, and the amount of pot the professors smoke. Then you could test your regression for heteroskedasticity, just because that sounds cool.
    Anyhow, I kind of like Dan’s theory. One of my friends (also a former nanner slug) got into the policy program at Georgetown, but not into the one at UCLA, which is less prestigious. I’ll tell him he was just so damn good looking UCLA couldn’t accept him.

  • Fort says:

    Oh Jeff… of course you are capable of graduate-level thought. Had you planned Baghdad, I’m sure it would not have been looted.
    Um… on a less flippant note… I’m really glad for you. Congrats and stuff.

  • m-pants says:

    See, I told you if I had sent nude pictures of myself, you would have gotten in. Christie, Liz and I know how the minds of 45+ year old admissions “people” (lets try to be a little PC) think. (naked chick? oh yeh!)
    I mean I bathe, yet I got into UCSC and not NYU (Admittedly I was not as attractive in the begining of undergrad as I am now… so I will get into NYU this time). Works for me!

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