Nuke ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out

May 28th, 2003 § Comments off

Signs That the United States Government Has Gone Completely Batshit Crazy, Number 7,408,082: At the request of the White House and the Pentagon, Congress has made it easier for the military to develop new, smaller nuclear weapons.

Administration officials say that they have made no decision to produce the first new nuclear weapons since the 1980′s and that further Congressional debate and approval would be needed to do so. But they say an enormous nuclear capability to deter a rival superpower fortified with its own intercontinental missiles could be an outdated concept in the current world environment.

Instead, they say, a new generation of nuclear weapons may be needed to destroy facilities that could be constructed underground where biological and chemical weapons are being developed or stored.

“It is a return to looking at the defense of the nation in the face of a changing threat,” Fred S. Celec, deputy assistant to the secretary of defense for nuclear matters, said of the push for authority to pursue a new nuclear program. “How do you deter and dissuade potential enemies of the United States from doing us harm? I don’t know that we ought to eliminate any tools in our inventory.”

Mr. Celec and other officials said that existing, congressionally imposed restrictions on research were chilling potential progress in the field of nuclear weapons science.

I mentioned this proposal in February, back when it was still a glimmer in the eye of war planners.

The Bush administration has demonstrated its ability to make the unthinkable thinkable; witness the preemptive war with Iraq. Now it appears that it wants to do the same for the use of nuclear weapons.

This way lies madness. I don’t know what else to say. I am stunned.

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