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June 13th, 2003 § Seven comments

I am working with top scientists (by which I mean my new housemate Elanor) to develop the perfect mojito recipe. By the end of the summer, we will be world-renowned mojito experts, and bartenders from around the world will pay thousands of dollars a day to attend mojito-mixing seminars in our backyard.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  • Fresh limes are critical. Dropping half the lime into the drink is perhaps not.
  • Unless you like a watered-down drink, put plenty of ice cubes in the glass before you top it off with soda water.
  • Use plenty of mint. We still haven’t found the perfect amount; I plan to try about a stalk’s worth of mint leaves next time.

Even in our embryonic state of mojito refinement, I must say that we are making some damned delicious cocktails. A mojito is an outstanding place to hide three shots of rum.

Seven comments

  • chud says:

    When I’d learned you’d abandoned a promising technology career for graduate school, I was a bit disappointed. Your foray into Mojito testing has allayed my concerns. L’chaim…and Summit Q4!

  • C-dawg says:

    Yeah, this whole grad school thing sounds pretty good so far–sign me up! I am working on perfecting a Sangria recipe, so there! And I’m not even in school. Hm, that kind of makes me a loser doesn’t it?

  • Jeff says:

    Well, that or a lush. But we already knew that.

  • mateo says:

    growing up in southern climes means mint and gin and mint and gin means mint julips, but what most people don’t get about mint julips that if you use lemon mint regular mint, you only need a sprinkle of sugar… in any event, all hail akeehol, mint and ice! go go mojito go mojito go! (queue dancidelic music here)
    one last comment, is this why the whole odds and evens street address thing escapes you when you need to find the UPS office?

  • I was recently served a mojito at a very chic New York bar with dried mint leaves. I consider this a tragedy! To me, the rum is really the thing. Our super here in Brooklyn goes to some tiny island in the Caribbean every few months and brings back the blackstrap molasses type, which I like in place of the white lightning. BTW, if you like mojitos, you might try a caipirinha (cachaça with crushed limes and sugar on the rocks) or a caipirìssima (the same, using rum).

  • Jeff says:

    Dried mint leaves in a mojito? What is the world coming to?
    I’ll give the caipirinha/caipirìssima thing a try. Thanks!

  • christine says:

    goddammit… post the final recipe when you figure it out… pleeeeease…

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