Your ass or a hole in the ground

June 18th, 2003 § Two comments

I spent a good ten minutes the other day looking for the UPS Store on Shattuck. It’s right by campus; I’ve walked past it a dozen times. But I couldn’t find it. You know why? Because I temporarily forgot that odd- and even-numbered addresses are on opposite sides of the street. What’s more, I didn’t realize my mistake until I had walked almost to Shattuck and Adeline—a half mile away—and dropped off my package at Shattuck Avenue Self-Storage.

Reminder: I am a graduate student in city planning.

Two comments

  • C-dawg says:

    That’s awesome! I love hearing stories like that, especially from you Jeff. It’s just so unlike you! :) I do hope your graduate degree will assist in preventing similar occurrences in the future.

  • Christine says:

    So my friend John also recently moved to Berkeley for grad school. He’s in the Geography department. This is amusing, since the first time I visited him at his new place in Berkeley, he was trying to figure out which way was north.

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