Or I could sell a kidney

July 29th, 2003 § One comment

UC Berkeley just gave me my financial aid offer for the year. I should have plenty of money, as long as I steal my textbooks from other students, make my own clothes from burlap sacks, entertain myself by sitting very still for long periods of time (so as not to wear out the burlap), and feed myself by eating my furniture.

One comment

  • michael says:

    a whole 1563.00 y i p p eeeeeeeeeeee !
    or is it 1127.00 ??? I forget.
    yeah baby yeah….that’ll FLY me to the land of wealth and riches and beautiful…. well semi-beautiful WIFE-DOM.
    No wonder all the kids wear backpacks…..they’re perpping for H O M E L E S S N E S S and shelters and soup kitchens, and and …….
    tee hee
    Michael W.Johnson

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