This afternoon in Sproul Plaza

July 18th, 2003 § One comment

Guy 1: He was not!
Guy 2: He was!
Guy 1: He was not a pothead!
Guy 2: He was!
Guy 1: He was not!
Guy 1: (mumble)
Guy 2: That’s how he composed after he went deaf.

Also, as I passed the nutjob who tables for Lyndon LaRouche, he said, “Everybody with special sunglasses working together to get Cheney impeached.” Hooray! My sunglasses are special!

One comment

  • dumptruck says:

    There were LaRouche folks outside the Dupont Circle metro this morning, hollering about impeaching Cheney. They were also at the affirmative action rally outside the Supreme Court back in April. Neither today nor back in April did they even mention my sunglasses. Guess I’m not as special as Jeff.

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