Quantitative analysis

August 5th, 2003 § Five comments

This idea came to me out of nowhere while I was standing in the deli section at Berkeley Bowl:

Berkeley = 0.5(Marin) + 0.3(Palo Alto) + 0.2(Sunnyvale)

The individual weights might be wrong, but I think I’m on to something here.

Five comments

  • Rick says:

    No way! Needs an error component (random shocks). Furthermore, Berkeley clearly can only be described by a non-linear model :)

  • Christine says:

    I’m surprised that visiting the Bowl inspired you to think that. There are like way more lesbians at that supermarket than in any of the three weighted regions.

  • Jeff says:

    I’ll add the random shocks and nonlinearity once I’ve taken more statistics classes.
    There were relatively few lesbian couples at the Bowl that afternoon, but yeah, there should be a little Northampton in there as well. Also, walking down Telegraph today made me think that a soup├žon of San Francisco would be in order. Probably some Oakland, too.
    Something tells me that I will not rise to fame as a city planner on the strength of this so-called formula.

  • Christine says:


  • Robert Moses says:

    You’re gonna do my profession proud someday.
    Pour me funavah moheeto.

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