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September 17th, 2003 § Three comments

Liz posted this drinking game as a comment, but I’m reposting it, with some formatting changes, because it’s so thoroughly awesome. (And yes, I’ve been too damn busy to post anything. Four classes plus 20 hours a week of research equals a busy, busy Jeff. Hey, I think that’s two drinks right there!)

Christie’s suggestion that Jeff post drink recipes as a sort of penance for making us read passages on urban planning got me thinking, and when he went two weeks without posting anything at all, I knew something had to be done. So, following in the grand tradition of the SF Bay Guardian‘s Jon Carroll drinking game and the annual State of the Union drinking game, here’s what I’ve come up with so far (with the help of Brian, my devoted partner in crime, of course). I hope other devoted readers of will add their own suggestions. (I wanted to include “Posts current music anyone’s ever heard of,” but then I realized I might be one with weird tastes, so someone else will have to decide if that’s appropriate.)

  • Mentions living in Berkeley: 2 drinks
  • Reminds us that he is now in graduate school: 2 drinks
  • Quotes from a book on urban planning: 1 drink
  • Uses ostentatious flourishes: 2 drinks
  • Posts current reading not related in any way to urban planning: finish your drink
  • Jeff’s dad posts a punny comment: 1 drink
  • Mentions drinking with his housemates: toast, 1 drink
  • Refers to XML or RSS feeds as if anyone cares: 1 drink

Any other suggestions?

Three comments

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