The Governator crushes another opponent

October 18th, 2003 § Comments off

Bill Lockyer, California’s attorney general, has revealed that he voted for Schwarzenegger. Bill Lockyer is a big ol’ Democrat. He helped run the state campaign for George McGovern in 1972, for Christ’s sake. He is (or maybe was) contemplating his own run for governor. And he voted for Schwarzenegger. Why? Here’s part of his explanation, quoted from the article: “I want to see principled leadership. And yes, [Schwarzenegger] may be na├»ve about that. But you know what? It is real. …He said, ‘Bill, you listen to my heart, not my party.’ Now how can you not love somebody that feels that way about it?”

Holy fucking Jesus on a rocket sled. What is wrong with this state? Have the many hydrocarbons in our air melted our brains? How long before we are all overcome by the mysterious Teutonic powers of seduction that left so many crying out for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sweet, sweet governance?

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