Catching up

February 1st, 2004 § Comments off

Hello. Spring semester just started, and I am already very busy. My classes are challenging and (for the most part) interesting. If all goes well in my plan preparation studio, I’ll know how to draw, at least a little, by the end of the semester. If not…well, I’m not thinking about that too much.

I decided to go grocery shopping today at about 3:30, right after the Super Bowl had started. In most cities, this would be a brilliant tactic, and the store would be empty. Berkeley is not most cities. Berkeley Bowl, which is crowded on the best of Sunday afternoons, was practically overflowing with people. My usual strategies for dealing with Berkeley Bowl mayhem–breathe deeply, be patient, don’t shove, float with the universe–didn’t help quite as much as usual. There may have been a point to this story, but I’ve forgotten it.

I never did post anything about Vancouver, did I? Maybe later this week.

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