Two-legged obstacle

February 8th, 2004 § Nine comments

Buying exercise pants should be easy, right? Not if you live in Berkeley, don’t own a car, and are not morbidly obese.

I needed sweatpants—or better yet, nylon workout pants, or yoga pants—so that I could start going to the gym this week. Finding some, I figured, would be easy. I figured wrong. The selection at Bancroft Clothing Company was disappointing at best. Ross had many fine options, but only in size XXXL. The Gap had some sweatpants that would have been acceptable if they had been available in a small, which they were not. As usual, Any Mountain had plenty of $140 ski pants but nothing that remotely resembled what I wanted. I even considered the $6.99 sweatpants at Walgreens, but like Ross, their sizes were suitable only for the exceedingly portly gentleman. I would have gone to REI, which is where I should have started, but I had homework to do.

But I will not be stopped by a mere lack of suitable pants. There are tai chi classes and fitness machines with my name on them. So if you see me at UC Berkeley’s Recreational Sports Facility early tomorrow morning, wearing a four-year-old pair of ridiculously oversized Adidas shorts, please don’t point and laugh. I really, really tried to find a garment that wouldn’t expose my blindingly white calves.

On second thought, maybe you should point and laugh. I suspect that not finding yoga pants in Berkeley is right up there with not finding sand in the desert.

Nine comments

  • Jeff says:

    As it turns out, most of the men at the gym wear shorts, excepting those who are more than 40 years old. Still, I’m not sure that shorts are suitable for tai chi. I’ll find out tomorrow, I guess.
    I am sure that you all care deeply about this burning issue.

  • Dumptruck says:

    Maybe this will sound silly–and I, of course, am never silly–but do they even make yoga pants for men?

  • Jeff says:

    Good question. I have no idea. Probably I’m worrying about this too much. (Or, rather, I was worrying about this too much. I’m over it now.)

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe you could get a yellow rain suit, the kind with the pants and jacket and floppy hat, and wear that to the gym. I think that would be funny.

  • Christine says:

    you could try the following: (A) Copeland’s sports, if it’s still on Shattuck and Cedar, (B) Berkeley Sports on Ellsworth & Bancroft (C) Target at El Cerrito Del Norte (BART-able), (D) Big 5 at South Shore Center in Alameda (not a great selection, but I think the 51 goes there), (E) Goodwill on University Avenue, (F) the campus bookstore, which sells sweatpants… man, I’m a jock.

  • Cdawg says:

    I am highly amused, and seriously perturbed, to discover that several years out of college Jeff’s pants are still a topic of discussion. Way to go Jeff!

  • Jeff says:

    Oh, man, I didn’t even think of that. What can I say? It’s all about Jeff’s pants.

  • Lisa says:

    if you don’t mind wearing pants designed for women, look at my company’s website ( 50% off.

  • Jeff says:

    I mean, thanks. I’ll keep that option in mind. I’m always looking for ways to accentuate my girlish figure.

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