The Fog of War

February 15th, 2004 § One comment

No matter how much you know about the Vietnam War; no matter what you think of Robert McNamara; no matter whether you normally watch documentaries, go see The Fog of War. It’s troubling, thought-provoking, and unfortunately, quite timely. The fact that the word “Berkeley” was misspelled in the credits in no way detracts from the film’s overall excellence.

Now I need to find time to watch the webcast of McNamara’s appearance at UC Berkeley with Errol Morris, which sold out long before I tried to get a ticket.

One comment

  • Jeff says:

    And the film’s credits (which spelled my city’s name as “Berkely”) aren’t nearly as bad as MetLife, which has decided that I live in “Burkley.”
    Thank God it’s not pronounced “BARK-ley,” like the philosopher. Nobody would even come close to getting it right.

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