Blither Blather v. Jabbety Blah Blah Blah

March 6th, 2004 § Comments off

My youth is far too valuable to be spent reading nonsense like this:

Reversal of the judgment will require the entry of a judgment to the opposite effect in action No. 39640. The new judgment must explicitly order the issuance of a peremptory writ of mandate commanding the County to vacate the decision approving the tentative map of the proposed Waunita Meadows subdivision. Whether it should incorporate other provisions from the judgments in the other actions (as modified below) is to be determined by the trial court upon application by any party to action No. 39640. Reversal of the present judgment in that action will also revive appellants’ request for an award of attorneys’ fees. The new judgment may also dispose of that request if appellants pursue it. Proceedings in these respects are to be conducted on the remand ordered below.

And yet here I am, sitting indoors on a beautiful day, plodding through Camp v. Board of Supervisors. I should be going for a hike, or learning to identify wildflowers, or cooking an elaborate meal, or any of a thousand other things.

The moral of this story is that at least in the short term, graduate school is not the key to personal fulfillment.

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