When reading becomes dangerous

April 21st, 2004 § Two comments

A quotation from Proust, via a rather long New Yorker article about P.G. Wodehouse:

Reading becomes dangerous when instead of waking us to the personal life of the spirit, it tends to substitute itself for it, when truth no longer appears to us as an ideal we can realize only through the intimate progress of our thought and the effort of our heart, but as a material thing, deposited between the leaves of books like honey ready-made by others, and which we have only to take the trouble of reaching for on the shelves of libraries and then savoring passively in perfect repose of body and mind.

Two comments

  • dumptruck says:

    Reading’s also dangerous if you do it while you’re walking. Sometimes you crash into parking meters.

  • M. J in the house says:

    I have also discovered a problem with reading and walking: Dog poo. But then, I have a problem with watching TV and chewing gum.

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