London calling

May 29th, 2004 § Comments off

Hi, everyone. I’m in London right now with my family. We’re staying at a very posh hotel above the Charing Cross railway station. Within my first 20 minutes in the room, I had managed to break a wine glass, cutting my hand and scattering shards of glass all over the carpet. I feel like such a rock star.

Before coming to London today, we spent several days in Dublin, which was okay; I would have enjoyed it more had I not been sick for almost the entire time. I will say that they pour a mean pint of Guinness at the brewery. The River Liffey runs east-west through the city, dividing it into south Dublin (the more fashionable half) and north Dublin (the down-at-the-heels half). North Dublin really is rather grotty. Lots of cheap council housing, lots of streets with utterly demolished sidewalks. The Spire of Dublin is on the north side, and on account of its location, it’s referred to as the “Stiletto in the Ghetto.” Dubliners have clever names for all their statues.

Oh, my time on this computer is running out. What other random Dublin facts should I mention? The streets are torn up all over the city–as they have been for years, apparently–because Dublin is building a light rail system. The cars look pretty slick, but my understanding is that the system is years behind schedule and way over budget. Sound familiar, my American friends? Also, not that anyone cares, but the storm gutters run down the middle of the sidewalk on most streets, which struck me as odd.

Okay, I’m going to go drink a pint of something cool and foamy. Like water from the Liffey, perhaps. Ew. We’re staying a stone’s throw from an Internet cafe, so perhaps I’ll post more while I’m in London. Otherwise, see you all in Copenhagen or stateside.

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