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June 28th, 2004 § One comment

I’m writing a book that offers something for everyone, from four-year-old children to adult fans of magical realism. It’s called If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler Gave a Mouse a Cookie.

Preorders, anyone?

One comment

  • monkey says:

    If on a winter’s a night a traveler, is one of those great books that can serve as somewhat of a litmus test for a person’s ability to roll with the punches. I have found that in suggesting this much loved book that friends return it to me in one of 2 ways: (1) the very next day stating that this was the most annoying book that I have reccomended, except for for any Saragamo book; or (2) about 2 months later as a new copy saying that they read my copy three times and left it on BART (in these cases, I know that I am getting the copy they picked up at Moe’s for $3.50, whereas the new Amazon copy is resting on their nightstand at home.). It could be worse… I could reccomend Ayn Rand ;) .
    Anyway, this book has already been written (totally worth the purchase for both the artist and the book):
    Open Me… I’m a Dog

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