Lest I be accused of insufficient thoroughness

July 31st, 2004 § Comments off

Wow, I’m not doing very well at keeping everyone up to date on my latest exploits. To make it up to you, I’ll suffocate you with details about the past week or so, in reverse chronological order by day and in a dashing tuxedo by night.

Today I had lunch with a couple of friends and debated whether one of them should get cable. The potential acquirer of cable said that she wants to become more familiar with popular culture. I argued that most popular culture is a brain-deadening waste of time, and besides, doesn’t she already have an active social life and more than enough work to keep her busy? We didn’t reach a consensus. Later, I accompanied my housemate Elanor to Target, where I bought stuff for my new apartment, and to Whole Foods. She drove to both places and didn’t crash the car even once. I also ate a honeydew nectarine, which is a strange and interesting fruit—green like honeydew, but with a flavor that hints more at green beans than melons. Presumably something called a “nectabean” wouldn’t sell very well, though.

On Thursday, I met with one of the good folks at the San Francisco Planning Department to discuss the professional report I’ll be writing to complete my masters. I’ll spare you the details; those of you who are the least bit interested will probably hear way too much about it once I start working on it.

Wednesday was another planning happy hour, this one at Amnesia in San Francisco. The bar is a combination of hip, shabby, and cozy, which works better than it sounds. Lots of great beers, including Delirium Tremens on tap, which I haven’t seen before. Intense conversations were had.

On Tuesday, I had lunch with a friend and soon-to-be almost-next-door neighbor. We sat on the new grassy patch behind Wurster Hall and talked about the joys and travails of moving. I must have done some other stuff that day, too, but I’ve forgotten what.

Monday was box-acquiring day. Elanor and I raided some of Cal’s cardboard dumpsters and found some excellent moving boxes. We also discovered thousands of punch cards, many of which were older than I am, that had been tossed in the recycling bin. I can’t even imagine how many hours of work they represented. Some bundles of cards had stickers on the front indicating whether they’d been processed successfully and how much the computer time had cost (55 cents, in 1977 dollars, on one bundle I saw). I wanted to take some of them and use them as scratch paper, but they all had too many holes.

I helped paint the planning students’ lounge on Sunday morning, along with three other students. The job went surprisingly smoothly. Two of my fellow painters brought pastries from La Farine, making me giddy with delight. Or perhaps that was just the paint fumes.

My brother and I went to a furniture store in San Francisco on Saturday morning, then visited the Target in Colma. Yep, two Target trips in one week. I’ve been mooching off of other people’s dishes and cookware for a long time, and I needed a lot of stuff in order to live on my own. (I still need furniture, curtains, and some other odds and ends, but never mind that.) Anyhow, we also got Indian pizza, an intriguing novelty, at a restaurant on Mission.

I don’t know what I did on Friday, so we’ll skip that.

Thursday was my 26th birthday. Hooray! I had lunch with some friends, and my housemates, Elanor and Suzanne, made baked Alaska in honor of the occasion (that being the birthday, not the lunch with friends), which is pretty damned cool if you ask me.

In between all that other stuff, I talked to people on the phone, ran errands, and packed sporadically. There’s still a lot of packing to be done, and I move on Monday morning. Packing is one of those things I detest so much that I absolutely can’t do it until the last possible second, once it’s become urgent. But I am very much looking forward to my new apartment, and I hope to be more or less settled in by the end of the week.

It’s been a week of lasts—the last time I’ll return to this house from the gym, the last dinner I’ll eat with my housemates before I leave, the last free load of laundry I’ll do for a while. I can’t wait for next week and a whole bunch of firsts.

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