The Fortress of Solitude

July 13th, 2004 § Two comments

Words are my sharpest tools, but they fail me when I try to describe a novel like The Fortress of Solitude. I’m left clutching at superlatives and wishing that my descriptive writing were stronger.

Writers who have strong voices, as Jonathan Lethem does, also remind me how much better I am at aping the style of others than developing my own. I’m sure I would find my own voice if I wrote more, and more frequently, but I don’t know if or when I’ll manage to do that. Alternatively, I could just copy Jonathan Lethem. Some of the techniques he favors lend themselves easily to imitation. Or, for that matter, parody.

Incomplete sentences appearing in pairs after longer paragraphs.

A random pop-culture reference to establish chronology.

Two comments

  • throgers says:

    whew- I was worried for a second there that “Fortress of Solitude” was your nickname for the new apartment. That wouldn’t be good, at least not right off the bat.

  • Jeff says:

    Nah, I’ll stay social at first. But my plan is to become a total recluse by, say, mid-September.

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