A lesser pizzatastrophe

July 3rd, 2004 § One comment

Armed with a different batch of yeast, I succeeded in tonight’s attempt at caramelized onion pizza. It still turned out badly, though. The recipe for the dough called for far too much water, making the dough rather difficult to shape. Also, the topping had too many competing flavors. A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen may be a damned fine cookbook in most respects, but I wouldn’t recommend its pizza recipes.

Tomorrow I’m attempting to recreate an orzo and feta salad whose recipe I lost long ago. The result will accompany me to a Fourth of July barbecue. I’ll post a recipe if it turns out well (the salad, not the barbecue).

One comment

  • Anonymous says:

    Jack Bishop’s other cookbook (The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook) has a pizza dough recipe that we use all the time. I just compared it to the new cookbook, and it is different, although they both claim to make enough for 2 12-inch pizzas. You should use that instead.

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