August 16th, 2004 § Four comments

If you’re looking to get snockered, but you’re on a budget, I highly recommend the Anchor Brewing tour. For the low, low price of nothing at all, not only do you get to see how they make Anchor Steam, you also get some very generous samples of each of their six beers. Perhaps too generous. Three pints of beer is rather a lot to consume in 45 minutes, especially at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Four comments

  • Jenn says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! I’m so going to check that out.

  • Jeff says:

    Outstanding. The only trouble is that the tour sometimes books up a month in advance, so it’s not really an impulse thing. Wednesdays, I’m told, are a good day to go (although you still need reservations).

  • Cdawg says:

    Yeah, Anchor is awesome! My friend Lloyd used to work there and give tours, and this Friday I’m actually having dinner with another Anchor employee, one of the sales reps that I know. Anchor all the way, baby!

  • Jeff says:

    My friends were very impressed when I told them that a friend of a friend used to work at Anchor. I thought about asking you whether Lloyd was still there, but since I’ve only met him once (or maybe not at all–I can’t remember), there wasn’t much point.

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