You don’t know Jack

August 26th, 2004 § Two comments

A friend of mine emailed Jack Bishop, the executive editor of Cook’s Illustrated and author of several excellent cookbooks, to tell Bishop about a ravioli-making tool he had discovered. Bishop, who apparently reads his own email, sent a very nice reply. This prompted my friend to forward the reply to his wife and me; add the acronym “OMFG” to the subject line; refer to himself as “JUST ANOTHER GIBBERING JACK BISHOP FAN BOY”; and use more exclamation points than I’ve ever seen outside of an eBay seller review.

I have pretty awesome friends.

Two comments

  • lynnerd says:

    How funny! I didn’t realize Jack Bishop was so well known, or so high up in the ‘Cook’s Illustrated’ chain of command. I watch America’s Test Kitchen almost everday on KQED, and I thought he was just a schmuck in the tasting lab!

  • Jeff says:

    Watch what you say about Jack Bishop. Brian’s got his back.

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