Not very professional

August 10th, 2004 § Two comments

This paragraph, from an article about Koko the gorilla’s recent dental work, made me giggle:

Doctors gathered in Koko’s “apartment” and crowded around the gorilla, who asked a woman wearing red to come closer. The woman politely offered Koko a business card, which the gorilla ate.

Two comments

  • lynnerd says:

    Andy says, “You rock, Jeff!” …
    He stumbled on the same article while riding BART and shared that part with me. 1000 words in Koko’s ASL vocabulary and she still eats business cards. I love it.

  • Jeff says:

    Thanks, Andy (and Lynn)! My brother found it on his own, too, and sent it to his housemate. We all rock! Everyone loves Koko, the business-card-eating gorilla!
    I bet your business cards taste better than mass-produced ones. Maybe Chez Panisse could offer chocolate-covered Just My Type business cards as a dessert special.

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