September 30th, 2004 § Three comments

Some quick observations about tonight’s presidential debate, before reading any of the spin: Kerry is a remarkable debater—I had suspected and heard as much, but I never would have guessed just how good he is. He was focused and concise; he stayed on message but (usually) answered the question. And his answers were clear, cogent, and eloquent. George W. Bush was, well, George W. Bush. He frequently found himself at a loss for words; he confused Saddam Hussein with Osama Bin Laden within, I think, the first fifteen minutes; he struggled to defend four years of foreign policy that are all but indefensible. He lost. He lost badly. No intellectually honest person could say otherwise.

Tonight bodes well for the remainder of the campaign. And I promise not to post about the election all the time, but it made me so happy to see Kerry wipe the floor with Bush that I had to write something.

Three comments

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