September 2nd, 2004 § Comments off

Summer’s over, and I’ve started filling my brain with city planning facts once again. Two of my classes are engaging and enjoyable; two of them are dull but practical; and a fifth was so laughably bad that I dropped it. Not a bad ratio, actually. It should be a good semester.

I joined several of my fellow students last night at the Parkway to see Spider-Man 2. It’s quite a treat to watch a movie on a big screen while sitting on a couch and drinking Newcastle (and eating pizza, should you choose to). The movie was cheesy but entertaining. All of us cracked up when the dean admonished Peter Parker by saying, “Planning is not a major at this university.” We are such dorks.

In unrelated news, I received spam today from “adulterous putt.” What exactly would that entail?

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