Put the kettle on

October 26th, 2004 § Comments off

It’s the twenty-sixth already? Good heavens, I’ve been busy.

I had to give a group presentation on Monday morning for one of my classes, and my partner and I were up quite late on Sunday preparing it. After a long day yesterday, I returned home, then left again to get some groceries. On the way out, though, I dropped my bike, and one of the handlebars crashed through a pane of glass in my building’s front door. This is not as bad as it sounds—the door has lots of little panes of glass, measuring perhaps 10 by 12 inches, and the maintenance guy seemed to think he could replace the broken pane without much trouble. Nonetheless, it’s not a good sign when one is so tired that one starts accidentally breaking shit.

Today I went to REI and bought a decent raincoat, one that will actually repel water instead of absorbing it. It’s technically a snowboarding jacket, making me at least 14 percent more “X-treme” than I was yesterday. Anyhow, the important thing is that I will now be somewhat drier after my frequent wet-weather bicycle commutes.

Biking in the rain is fun, but what I really want to do is curl up in a chair with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a book that isn’t about city planning. It’s that last part that’s the real sticking point. I don’t mean to complain, though. There’s a fresh crop of persimmons to eat and plenty of friends to talk to, and although I’m feeling a bit worn out, things are going well.

Other stuff I’ve done recently: started an internship in the city, went to a party, had crepes with former coworkers, saw a fantastic Craftsman-style house, and met a 25-pound cat.

How have you been?

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