Bay to Breakers

May 17th, 2005 § Nine comments

I did Bay to Breakers with a bunch of my planning pals last weekend. Are there photos? Yes, there are.

Nine comments

  • dumptruck says:

    Where are the photos of you? How do we know you were actually there and actually did Bay to Breakers? I want proof, you long-haired hippy. (Sorry, but that’s what people kept pointing out to me when I shared my Buenos Aires photos. Well, not the long-haired hippy part.)
    I did Bay to Breakers once. Sort of. My dad ran it, and pushed me along in my stroller. Does that count?

  • Jeff says:

    Okay, you got me. I sent my photography robot to the city while I stayed at home and played video games. The robot would have taken more pictures, but the tortillas kept clogging his mechanical joints.
    Stroller B2B totally counts, but you should come back and do it again sometime.

  • Jenn says:

    Yeah, come on! Fess up! What did you wear?

  • Jeff says:

    Um, would you believe a pony suit? A live squid? Nothing at all? Actually, nobody in my group dressed up, but we did get T-shirts made that said “I’d rather be zoning” on the back.

  • dumptruck says:

    And I thought public policy students were dorks. (Our t-shirts have a number on the back, like a sports jersey. That number is 1.96. And instead of a name, they say “Reject the Null.”)
    Maybe I’ll do it in 2007. Every 25 years sounds about right.

  • The Retired Guy says:

    Reject the null!?? Just how much more of this bashing of the President do we have to tolerate?

  • Jeff says:

    I just checked the official results, and I’m pleased to say that I finished 23,474th! An excellent showing. And I broke the fabled three-hour mark with a highly respectable time of 2:56:34.

  • Charlie says:

    Sorry I didn’t run into you there. It’s funny because we took some of the same pictures, including the Jesus freak with the sign and the walking vaginas. I didn’t wear a costume either and made the mistake of trying to actually run the damn thing. Since I wasn’t in the front with the Kenyans, that proved to be a rather futile endeavor.

  • Jeff says:

    Hey, Charlie! I was with friends who wanted to run it (to my surprise and horror), and I kept up with them until after the Hayes Street Hill, at which point I said “fuck it” and let them go ahead. There was a lot of stop and go, though.

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