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May 1st, 2005 § Five comments

An article in today’s New York Times describes Berkeley as “a province where terms like ‘natural,’ ‘grass fed’ and ‘locally grown’ carry the same significance as ‘psalm,’ ‘covenant’ and ‘Eucharist’ in other parts of the world.” I can’t argue with, or complain about, that.

Right now, rather than enjoying the bounty of springtime farmers’ markets, I am feasting at an endless buffet of obligations, requirements, and responsibilities. Graduate school, I will not miss you. If I finish all my requirements on time, though, I can still enjoy apricot season and try, for the first time ever, to cook fresh morels. We’ll see how May goes.

Five comments

  • dumptruck says:

    Ewwww, mushrooms! But I did love that line when I read it.
    On a (somewhat) related note, I recently told a friend of mine who loves mushrooms that mushrooms are a tool of Satan. She is Jewish and totally willing to believe anything I say about Christianity, and she seemed to be taking me seriously. So I told her yes, it was a fact, it was in Revelation, and good Christians don’t eat mushrooms, at least not a certain holidays. That’s why there are never mushrooms in the stuffing at Christmas, but some people do put them in at Thanksgiving. I am feeling a little guilty, but I haven’t told her the truth yet.

  • Jeff says:

    Oh, dear. As penance, you should eat three plates of Thai food.

  • dumptruck says:

    You know what? I actually eat Thai food now. Only panang tofu, but at least I will go along when people suggest Thai. I was lured in by the big, pretty, girly beverages most Thai places have.

  • Jeff says:

    Hooray! If you like coconut milk, you should try some of the milder curries. Those are pretty good starter Thai dishes.

  • dumptruck says:

    That was what I first started with, but I didn’t like them much. It’s really not a matter of the heat; I can handle some pretty spicy Indian and Mexican foods. It’s just the combination of flavors in a lot of Thai dishes–most of them I’m just not into.

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