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June 8th, 2005 § Five comments

All the cool kids probably know about this already, but if you like the sort of music they review over at Pitchfork, you should check out woxy.com. It’s a fantastic Internet-only radio station with unusually high-quality streaming audio. At the moment, they’re airing an excellent live set with Architecture in Helsinki; before that, they played Sleater-Kinney, Bloc Party, Sondre Lerche, and Magnolia Electric Co. It’s what radio would be if it didn’t suck.

Five comments

  • Jeff says:

    Or, more accurately, it’s like one of the best college radio stations ever.

  • throgers says:

    Do you have the Magnolia Electric Co. album? I downloaded “The Dark Don’t Hide It” from Stereogum, and have totally been rockin’ out to that, but I still wasn’t sure if the whole disc was worth it. Please advise.

  • Jeff says:

    Thomas, I don’t, and to be honest, the Magnolia Electric Co. song was one of my least favorites from that set. I wouldn’t put too much weight on my opinion, though. You seem to enjoy a much larger percentage of the “guys with acoustic guitars” genre than I do.

  • throgers says:

    I don’t know about the rest of the album, but “The Dark Don’t Hide It” is fairly electric. It’s not the Magnolia Acoustic Co., after all! Seriously, download the song yourself and try not to rawk out. Yes, I officially dare you.

  • Jeff says:

    I’ll admit that’s a decent song, though when the time comes to rawk, I’m still more of a Broken Social Scene’s “Almost Crimes” kind of guy.
    Perhaps the song I heard wasn’t acoustic. I’ve certainly forgotten more important details than that one.

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