The reviews are in

November 16th, 2001 § Three comments § permalink

People seem to be happy that I’m updating this site again, which is gratifying. The content has been more popular than the design, which, thanks to my careless use of inline CSS, is all thraxed up in old Web browsers.

Brian had my favorite take on the new site:

I’m glad has returned – it’s sort of like the new season of a
familiar television show, only the writers have been instructed to “sex it
up” to improve ratings.

Clean slate

November 10th, 2001 § Comments off § permalink

I’ve started over from scratch, ditching the old design, scrapping the old links, and banishing Blogger. Here’s the result. The design isn’t quite what I had in mind, but it has the significant virtue of being finished.

But Christie, I haven’t forgotten you: Here’s your beloved Battleship link.

Lots more to come, I hope.

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