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Soaking up knowledge is fine, but at some point, I need to start wringing myself out.

And his fate is still unlearned

October 12th, 2002 § Comments off § permalink

My vacation ended almost a week ago, sadly. Boston was wonderful. Cambridge was in some ways even nicer; one of my fondest memories from the trip is of a rainy afternoon spent at the Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square, reading a book I had just purchased at WordsWorth and watching people pass by.

The T is a great way to get around Boston, but it’s not hard to see why some people hate the T. With the exception of the Red Line, which serves Harvard and MIT, most of its trains are ancient, and hardly any are wheelchair-accessible. The MBTA is $4 billion in debt and has another $3 billion in deferred maintenance, thanks in part to its tendency to buy trains that don’t work and the like. Still, it has a certain antiquated charm, and it took us where we wanted to go. (When we didn’t just walk, that is. We were staying near the Back Bay, a beautiful old part of the city that’s close to almost everything.)

Ahem. Please pardon my transit geekery.

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