Summer means fun. I mean, school.

June 24th, 2003 § Five comments

Because I have no knowledge of statistics or microeconomics, I have to take two classes at Berkeley this summer before I start my graduate program. Both classes started on Monday. They are lower-division courses, which means plenty of clueless first-year students. Just try to imagine my joy.

In the first lecture for my statistics course, I learned that dice are six-sided cubes, each side with a different number of dots ranging from one to six. The professor even drew a die for us. By my calculations, that lecture cost me $9.41. I want a refund.

Fortunately, my microeconomics course is rather more interesting. It’s taught by the city planning department, and it focuses on economic issues that affect cities; the readings address sprawl, poverty, housing policy, and city form. Surprisingly, I am the only graduate student in the class, which means the other incoming grad students know microeconomics or are taking classes at junior colleges. Or maybe they’re just ignoring the prerequisites.

The most important lesson I have learned so far: Do not bike up to campus on Center Street until my leg muscles get stronger. They felt like jelly by the time I made it up the hill to the Campanile. Riding up Bancroft Channing to Telegraph is far less painful.

Five comments

  • christine says:

    You bike *up* Bancroft?! Isn’t that against traffic?

  • Jeff says:

    Ack. Make that Channing. I’m new to these parts.

  • nutty-d says:

    6-sided dice at Berkeley? I thought that Bezerkely was a bastion of liberalism! What about all those great 20 sided dragon slayer dice that come with the Wizards of Karnac expansion set of D&D? 6 sided dice? That’s just THE MAN talking… ignore him!

  • C-dawg says:

    I think Jeff needs to post more often. I am getting pinchy withdrawal from the lack of new content.

  • Homeboy says:

    My undergrad Stat class at UCB was open note and book for every quiz, midterm and final. Amazingly, there were some people were didn’t get an A.
    Maybe you could walk into the class with a copy of Stat For Dummies.

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