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September 20th, 2003 § Five comments

I wasted half an hour this afternoon reading A Loafer’s Guide to the UC Berkeley Campus. There are so many great buildings on campus that I’ve never seen; I need to spend more time wandering around and checking them out. (I have spent plenty of time in the campus’ most terrible buildings. Evans Hall, where I had a statistics section this summer, is the worst, but my building is Wurster. Ha ha.)

Is this entry worth two drinks or four? Technically, I never mentioned my place of residence, but it’s strongly implied.

Five comments

  • Dumptruck says:

    Take four. You’re in grad school, Jeff–haven’t you figured out that any excuse to drink, no matter how lame it may seem to outsiders, is totally valid among the grad student population. And take a 5th drink, too: architecture geekiness must be worth something.

  • Jeff says:

    Whoa there. I’m in graduate school, not a fraternity.

  • dumptruck says:

    Maybe my program’s just full of alcoholics. When they have events don’t they offer free alcohol and food to get you all to show up? I even had a class last semester where we had a wine and cheese reception each week to give us a chance to mingle and chat with the guest lecturer. And even when there wasn’t a guest lecturer, the professor brought the stuff anyhow.
    Maybe that’s why I’m paying all this tuition for a private school.

  • Jeff says:

    Yeah, I think you private school kids get a lot more “free” refreshments than we do. The only free drinks I’ve received from the UC are a few cups of very cheap beer at a reception for new graduate students. The department has provided a couple of continental breakfasts, but that’s about it.
    Which is not to say there aren’t events where alcohol and food are served. Every Thursday night, there’s a happy hour/barbecue for College of Environmental Design grad students (which includes architects, landscape architects, and planners). We have to pay for it, though.

  • Jake says:

    jeff loves sambuca… or does he

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