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October 18th, 2003 § Three comments

If you ever decide to roast chestnuts in your oven, make sure you cut a slit in each one first so the steam can escape. Otherwise, instead of eating delicious roasted chestnuts, you’ll find yourself doubled over with laughter in the next room, listening to the muffled cannon sounds of chestnuts bursting all over your oven’s walls.

Three comments

  • Cdawg says:

    Oh dear. I wish I had been there, but I can picture the scene quite vividly. Thank God people like you actually try things like that. It makes me feel better for not cooking anymore.

  • Jeff says:

    Yes, I’m a pioneer in the field of food destruction research. The cleanup, sadly, was quite a lot less fun than the exploding.
    I’ll probably have another go at it this weekend and see if I can avoid blowing anything up this time.

  • MD 20/20 says:

    Young pecans when still in their green casings and just after leaving the comforts of their branches and falling to the ground have a very similar ballistic quality. Growing up in a part of San Antonio that used to be a pecan orchard, many an Autumn was spent with grocery bags full of green pecans, a fire and explosive fun!
    I am sure, however that the bottle rocket popping of pecans outside is nothing compared to the m-80 sized explosions of chestnuts inside an oven.
    For your next trick you should see what happens to a roman candle cake when cooked too long.

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