February 27th, 2004 § Six comments

I saw Low and Jolie Holland in San Francisco last night, along with a couple of other bands I didn’t care for so much. Low was amazing live, as I’d been told it would be. I had never heard of Jolie Holland before, but I was captivated from the moment she started singing. She sounds a bit like a cross between Billie Holiday and Chan Marshall, more so in concert than on her album.

The show was at the Great American Music Hall, which would be a fine venue were it not for the complete lack of chairs (unless you spring for a dinner seat upstairs). Not an ideal situation for a four-hour show, especially if you’re as sleep-deprived as I was.

Six comments

  • Jeff says:

    I need to write fewer compound sentences.

  • Cdawg says:

    If you wanted to go to another concert this weekend, Super Furry Animals is playing in SF. I saw them in Detroit a few weeks ago – they are a Welsh pop/rock/alternative band (no good genre describes them). They were not spectacular, but they were decent. (Being in Detroit for 5 weeks, anything was a worthwhile distraction!) On a related note, I saw Guster in Cleveland this past Wednesday night – now they were really GOOD! Highly recommended.

  • Jeff says:

    Want to? Yes. Have time to? Sadly, no. Between a concert last night and a movie tonight, I’ve used up all my non-grad-school time for the next week or so. But thanks for the tips.

  • Cheri says:

    The lack of chairs makes it only the Good American Music Hall.

  • Christine says:

    At Brixton Academy in London they have a nice compromise: these sort of parallel bars you can lean your arms on on whilst standing in the pit.

  • Jeff says:

    Interesting. Bonus points for your use of the word “whilst.”

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