I’m back

December 24th, 2010 § Comments off

Wow, pinchy dot org is back! And just when everyone had stopped caring that it ever existed. Perfect timing.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to import the posts and comments from the previous iteration of this weblog. To those of you who wanted to know what I thought about George W. Bush six years ago, I extend my humblest apologies.

Also, if by some miracle you still have this site in your feed reader of choice, you’ll need to update to the new feed. I trust you’ve all figured out how to do this by now. If not, I offer free technical support for the first two minutes, then $24.95 for each additional minute. You should also know that my accounts receivable guy is named Nicky the Greek and keeps a crowbar in his trunk.

So! A new year (almost) and a fresh start. And this time around, I promise to post at least once every five years. That’s the Jeff Williams Guarantee.™

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