Muni can bite me

March 27th, 2011 § Two comments § permalink

(to the tune of “Julia,” by the Beatles)

This is why my schedule is a mess
It’s because I take the goddamn Judah

Judah, tall and grey
Trains that move slowly
So the wait goes on and on, N-Judah

Judah, two-car train
Comes in 20 minutes
Next one comes in 21, N-Judah

And when you show, you’re overflowing
To delays

Judah, transit hell
Traffic in the tunnel
Keeps me waiting on and on, N-Judah

When my errand cannot wait
I have learned I must avoid Judah

Judah, Judah
Trains backed up always
So the wait goes on and on, N-Judah

It’s like a swollen summer

March 24th, 2011 § Comments off § permalink

Every time I read something I wrote in the past, I feel as though I was smarter back then. What the hell is that about? Am I getting dumber as I age? Or is my inferiority complex just growing stronger by the day?

I suppose it could be both. Oh, dear.

The more things change

March 24th, 2011 § Comments off § permalink

So good: Back to the Future.

Where am I?

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